While Walwa region in the district of Sangli in Maharashtra State has progressed exponentially, there are several families still living below the line of poverty. The records in the Walwa region indicate that there are 11000 families that come under the category of ‘Below-Poverty-line (BPL)

Jayant Poverty Eradication Mission is an initiative by the Rajarambapu Group of Companies as an integral part of the group’s CSR.
Despite several sincere attempts by the government and also by various civil society groups, poverty still remains a national stigma.

Poverty also brings along other evils like illiteracy, unemployment, health hazards and perpetually runs in a vicious circle of deprivation and marginalisation. Various government schemes and legal entitlements are expected to achieve equilibrium in the society. To achieve this, the civil society groups also need to work in tandem with the governmental initiatives. The Bangla Gramin Bank is a living example of how this equilibrium can be achieved cohesively.